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Introduction to Video Lessons

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Make a Difference
by gaining knowledge for a New Life

Ministry to empower men & women with knowledge and hope through God's eyes.
Group Bible Studies

These on-line Bible Studies include Study Sheets as well as video sessions with a subject matter to build your Life Skills through the words God has given especially to women. 

Life Skills Classes

Special in-person classes for 20 or more participants are available. Our Directors will complete the 3 Lesson program in person for your group or organization.

Women’s Conferences

Our Directors are available to participate in Women’s Conferences as your special speaker.  P31FS schedule conferences throughout the year in each of our locations.

Zoom Lessons

Our Lessons and guidance can be obtain through the use of on-line Zoom On-line events.

Our Curriculum for Study

Our goal is to empower Men and Women with knowledge and value for a better life.  By gaining or regaining  knowledge for your life skills,  anyone can begin a new life by following God’s plan for them to make better choices.

God’s Fine China Teacup

This Lesson contains 5 sessions which will guide you to understanding who you are, how to move forward in your life when dealing with others and fears in life as well as the role of women in the church today.

Speak with Wisdom

The lesson name comes from God’s word in Proverbs 31 and deals with the importance of communication by knowing the basic skills, speaking the correct love language, electronic safety, and proper communication in business as well as speaking to and listening to God.

God is our Stylist

God has spoken to women in the Bible through metaphors and terms that only women understand; clothing, house decor, colors, etc.  These 4 sessions reveal the word He has for all His children.

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About Us

In today's fast paced world, there are men and women who are not coping with life well. Proverbs 31 Finishing School and Freedom Star Programs work with area missions and ministries to give life-skills to those in desperate need of help to find a new life. Then they can move forward with a brighter, more fulfilling future as sons and daughters of the King of Kings.

Rm 8:16-17, "The spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God and if children, then heirs - heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ,...

Our Courses

Even though the subject matter is the same for both women and men's programs, they are designed to be gender specific.

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Finishing School Program
  1. Respect for self  & others Male/Female Relationships Women's role in church

  2. Strength & Dignity  Showing your Character Godly Hospitality

  3. Poise & demeanor Body Types Dress for success How and where to shop Makeup the right way

  4. Communication:   Home, Relationships & Business

  5. The 5 love languages      Identifying Frends or Foes Internet safety

Making the most of your LIFE.

Freedom Star Program
  1. How Losers Win Seeing yourself as a winner

  2. Human Needs Knowledge, Justice. Belonging Integrity and Character Social behavior tips

  3. Darkroom where negatives develop Anatomy of a failure Potential vs Performance The Me I see is The Me I'll be

  4. Communication: A Powerful Thing at home and business

  5. Love Languages Relationships & Roles

Making the most of your LIFE.


Each of our gifted Directors are experienced in teaching God’s word and bringing it alive in the skills for life today.

Tabatha McKinney.webp
Tabatha McKinney

Podcast Director

Colleen Styre - Ohio.jpg
Colleen Styer

Director in the State of Ohio

Ron Picture.JPG
Ron Becker

Men's Freedom Star Director

P31FS President.jpg
Miriam Gail Becker


Yemi Ologunde, Nigeia.jpg
Yemi Olegunde

Director in Akiti Akiti, Nigeria

-5197224900363776313 (1).jpg
Renee Bruce

Director in the State of South Carolina

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Request A Quote

To schedule one of our Directors to speak at your event, make a comment or need information about our program, please contact us through email or phone.  

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Student Says About Us


"Miss Janie was so sweet and helpful and made me see everything through a different light.  She's very understanding and shared some very heartfelt stories to me."

The Women of Salvation Army - 2018


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