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Tech Empowerment

This is a comprehensive training initiative designed to empower men & women with essential life skills and digital literacy.

The program is a fusion of the Proverbs 31 Finishing School and the Tech Goes Home Community Technology training.  It focuses on holistic personal development and practical technology skills to enhance career opportunities and personal growth. 

Our Courses

Standard P31FS Course

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Finishing School Program
  1. Respect for self  & others Male/Female Relationships Women's role in church

  2. Strength & Dignity  Showing your Character Godly Hospitality

  3. Poise & demeanor Body Types Dress for success How and where to shop Makeup the right way

  4. Communication:   Home, Relationships & Business

  5. The 5 love languages      Identifying Frends or Foes Internet safety

Making the most of your LIFE.

Freedom Star Program
  1. How Losers Win Seeing yourself as a winner

  2. Human Needs Knowledge, Justice. Belonging Integrity and Character Social behavior tips

  3. Darkroom where negatives develop Anatomy of a failure Potential vs Performance The Me I see is The Me I'll be

  4. Communication: A Powerful Thing at home and business

  5. Love Languages Relationships & Roles

Making the most of your LIFE.

Tech Empowerment Course

Module I - Personal Development

  1. Introduction to P31FS Principles.

  2. Professionalism

  3. Health and Wellness

  4. Financial Literacy

Module 2 - Basic Computer Skills

  1. Introduction to Computers

  2. Internet and Email Usage

  3. Google Apps

Module 3 - Job Readiness and Career Development

  1. Resume Building

  2. Job Search Tools

  3. Interview Skills

Module 4 - Continuing Education & Skill Enhancement

  1. Internet Utilization for Health and Finance tools.

  2. Continuing Education Opportunities

  3. Advance Technology Skills (Optional)


We seek to develop skills in men & women to strengthen their self-worth, and  empower them with value for a better life using the Bible as our guide.  Cassandra was one of our graduates in 2015.

Private classes or Group Seminars available. 
Scholarships available for everyone.

a 501.c.3 tax deductible organization

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