Curriculum:  Based on Proverbs 31 in God's Word

Study:  Godly Respect
  Respect for Self
       *  Why this study
       *  Self respect vs Self esteem
       *  Scruples Game
       *  9 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman
  Fears Cause Failures
       *  3 types of Fear
       *  The example of Fear
       *  Dealing with Change and Loss
  Respect for others
       * Showing Respect in our Daily Life
       *  Gossip Game
       *  Dealing with unlovely people
  Respect in the family
       *  Family respect
       *  Roles in male/female relationships
       *  What does Love Look Like
  Respect for Women in the Church
        *  Christ's communications
        *  Women's role in the church Then
        *  Women's role in the Church NOW
Godley Respect: Leader Manual: $10  

Godley Respect; Participant Manual:  $7.50
Study:  God Is Our Stylist
  The Ideal Woman
       *  Clothed in Strength and Dignity
       *  Showing our Character to others
           >  Posture as a child of the King
           (books are for more than reading)
           >  Enter/Exit a vehicle with Grace  Godly Hospitality
       *  Hospitality to Angels
       *  Charm as a Proper Guest
       *  The Ultimate Hospitality
  Clothed in God's Grace
       *  Poise & Demeanor
       *  Your Chosen Shape
       *  God's Color Palate
  And Elegance
       *  Dressing like a Proverbs 31 Lady
       *  God's chosen Fabrics/Colors
       *  Finding Bargins:
          > Retail Store
          > Thrift Store

God as Stylist: Leader Manual: $10  

God as Stylist; Participant Manual:  $7.50
Study:  Speak with Wisdom
  Communication Skills
       *  Faithful Instruction
       *  Communicate with Family
       *  Communicate with Spouse & kids
  Language Skills
       *  Love Language
       *  Love Language Test
       *  Identify and Explain
  Computer communication
       *  Texting Etiquette
       *  The Internet & Safety
       *  Sex Trafficking Threat
       * Widening your circle of friends
       *  Keeping friends in balance
       *  Seeing friends through Troubles
 The Only Communication that Counts
        *  Communication with God
            >  Speaking and Listening
            >  Finding Truth in the 4 skills
Speak Wisdom: Leader Manual: $10  

Speak Wisdom;  Participant Manual:  $7.50